As they say in the classics, payback is indeed a b!tch.

Or to be more to the point – karma is indeed a b!tch too.

I’m sure we’ve all seen an example of this.

And I figure it’ll catch up with someone eventually even if I’m not around to watch it.

Wouldn’t you agree?

This story today is a cool dose of payback.

I read last week about a mum who last 46kg after she found a bunch of texts discovering that her husband was having an affair.

And they were bagging her weight in those sms’s.


Especially considering she’d given birth 6 months before that.

Like I said, classy right.

So, the hero of this story decided to use it as motivation and started exercising and eating right.

And like I said, dropped 46kg in the process.

Pretty cool right.

Would’ve liked to see the look on the ex’s face when he found out about that.

Anyways sucked in I say. 

The prick deserved that.

Maybe I should offer a divorce package or something considering half of the marriages end these days especially cause of dogs like that…

But enough of me being the moral police for today.

Just thought it was a cool example to show you that no matter how bad things may seem, they can get better.

Sometimes that little motivation comes from many things as this lady found out.

“I would cry after every workout and it was then that I decided that this would not define me and I was going to change for me and for my daughter.

“I wanted her to be proud of her mum and I wanted to be an example for her.”

So whatever your motivation

– mine is also so I don’t end up like my Dad did so I can be around for Emily – and to give her a good example to follow.

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See you soon.



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