How do you go on the old patience front?

To be honest, it’s not my greatest strength.

Especially if I’m hungry.

The old ‘hangry’ comes out.

It’s a funny thing though, cause as a Parra fan who has gone through the best part of the last 34 years of incompetence, all you can have is patience waiting for them to win a grand final again.

Then when I’m sitting behind someone in the right lane in a 90 zone doing 80 at best and who doesn’t understand the keep left unless overtaking rule, 

my patience isn’t the best when all I ask for is the chance to do the speed limit.

At least I’m aware of my flaws.

But patience is something that we all need when it comes to exercise.

It’s something that I actually have in that regards.

I understand that if I want to drop a few kilos cause the iso wines got the best of me, 

then it doesn’t happen in a week.

I have to do the work and keep doing it.

And I can’t get angry if things aren’t working if I didn’t do the work and stay off the midweek wines.

How about you?

What’s your patience like when it comes to getting results?

Patience is something that those who are starting the DPM 6 Week Winter Challenge today are going to need to have.

Cause they all have an end result they want to achieve.

For some it might be easier than others.

But each and everyone of them are going to have to go into the patience vault.

And do the work to get the result.

While understanding that it won’t happen in week 1.

That’s why we’re going for 6 weeks.

To allow enough time to do the work to get the results.

In a word – practicing patience.

Hope that helps you on your journey, whether you’re doing the challenge or not.

Have a big week.


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