Don’t you think it’s pretty cool as a parent when you can share something from your childhood with your kids?

I reckon it’s great.

And it reminds me of my Dad sharing that same thing with me back 30 odd years ago.

What brings me to this thought is that over the last couple of months Emily had been asking me to show her the Star Wars movies ‘from the olden days’.

We’ve watched ET and she loved that and she wanted to know what else I watched.

Well I finally got round to buying the DVD boxsets and we’ve been working our way through them over the last couple of weeks.

You get asked a thousand questions during it but it’s a lot to process for a 4.5 year old I guess and the constant reinforcing that it’s all pretend cause there are some scenes that are a bit different to watching Frozen!

She was so excited when Darth Vader turned good again at the end of the Return Of The Jedi that she was running around the house screaming about it to anyone who would listen and telling Bron all about the story line.

These type of moments just absolutely make your day and it’s moments like this that I hope she remembers when she’s older and I’m long gone from this earth just like I remember my Dad taking me to see the same movie 30 odd years ago.

Anyways, the one thing I want to reinforce today is that there’s going to be plenty of memories your kid will take with them after your gone and it’s up to us to choose what those are, and how long you have to form those memories with them.

I know that I do what I do now so I can be around for them for as long as possible cause I’ve seen the other side of the fence,

and that means doing the work and getting in my workouts and trying to keep on top of the food side of things too.

Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life and the finer things in it.

I just know that cause the body isn’t 18 anymore, I can’t get away with eating anything I want.

You’re probably the same.

So enjoy moments like these with your kids cause they’ll help keep your sanity when they’re doing your head in once that switch flicks from good to evil and the you know what hits the fan.

And if you know someone who might need some help in getting started in taking care of things to ensure they’re around for more of these moments with their kids, I’d appreciate you passing my details on to see if we can get some personal training started for them


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