In a game of scissors, paper, rock we all know what beats what.

Side note, it’s cool to see a game we played as kids still something that kids want to play today (well mine do anyway).

Anyways, today I want to share with you why paper always wins.

When it comes to a productivity tool anyways.

I don’t know about you, but I spend enough time on my phone anyways without having all my to-do tasks for the day on there as well.

There’s also something about actually crossing off something once you’ve done it.

Call it a feeling of accomplishment or whatever but it’s real.

And you know that you can’t have a technology melt down either.

Your paper won’t sh!t itself like your phone can or an update make everything all different to what it used to be.

It’s just the same old paper that it was yesterday.

That is why I’ll always use an old school physical paper diary over the iPhone calendar any day of the week when it comes to my tasks I have to do.

Or important dates I have to remember like people’s birthdays or functions or whatever I have to go to.

The other good reason why you should run with paper is because it actually benefits your brain.

When you write something down by hand, you are more likely to remember it.

The reason for this is it stimulates the reticular activation system in your brain which helps you remember things.

That’s why back in the day at school or uni we were always told to write down notes of important things.

I still do this now for ideas and so forth that I get in a little red playbook.

And if you’re concerned about paper waste etc and the environment, there’s a simple solution – recycle your diary at the end of every year.

Besides your phone is a power sucker anyways so you can’t really get on a high horse about paper.

We can always plant some more trees too if you believe that strongly in the cause.

Am I a dinosaur or do you find this works for you too?


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