I came across something last week that really made sense to me.

It was on a podcast, from a DPMer actually, Phil Hayes St Clair on his Founder to Founder podcast, and it revolves around a question he asks twice a year.

And today I’m asking the same question to you.

I’d appreciate if you’d provide any insights.

So here goes:

What could I do, or stop doing, that would make it easier for you to work with me?

And when you answer this please don’t sugarcoat anything. 

If there’s something I can be improving or should even start doing, let me know. 

Now this could apply to you if you’re a current DPMer.

Or someone who used to train with us but maybe stopped either for this reason, or something out of both of our control.

Or just someone who reads this and has no intention of training, but enjoys reading these each day.

Maybe you’re even on the fence about joining one of our DPM small group sessions or even some personal training but that one thing is holding you back.

Let me know what it is.

I’d be grateful to hear your thoughts.

Even something as simple as a comment I received last week about this new Transformation Contest – and how could it happen on Whats App too instead of Facebook.

Now I’d never used it before.

But obviously it’s not rocket science to navigate so I thought we’d give it a go.

And to be honest, it’s proven way more popular for interaction than the facebook group this time around.

See, maybe you can in fact teach an old dog like me new tricks.

Just make sure you give me a treat when I master it!


If you’re interested in Phil’s podcast that I mentioned, you’ll find it here