Don’t normally like to make a point of celebrating models on here.

After all, we don’t really need to hear from some self absorbed ‘celebrity’ or wanna be insta model.

But today I’m making an exception cause this one is a bit different to the normal one.

And also to prove a point that just cause the number that stares back at you on your drivers license might be from a time long ago that you’re not exactly over the hill yet.

You see, Sports Illustrated made some news last week for a good reason – cause they had a 56 year old as their cover model.

And she looks great.

Now I don’t know how much the photos have been touched up, and I’d assume like any cover they have some degree of photoshop, but still you have to be a in great shape to even make the cut.

Likewise, I don’t know whether she has had any work done, but not that that matters anyways.

She still has to workout and eat right to keep whatever she has now.

So congrats to this young lady.

She’s doing great.

And I don’t share this to objectify the female body of course.

More so to prove a point that age doesn’t matter – with one proviso:

That you actually do the work and look after yourself!

While I always joke that my body feels 20 years older than what I actually am cause of some old injuries, I’d still back myself in over most people my age.

Cause despite having a few things against me, I still do the work with the exercise and eat fairly good for the most part.

Mainly cause I don’t want to drop dead early like my dad, but I want to be there as my kids grow up.

And also, I really don’t want to be the bloke who gets puffed walking up a set of stairs.

Hopefully this example today just shows you that the age on your birth certificate doesn’t matter, so long as you’re putting in the work you can still feel, and look great.

Even if we’re not going to be a cover model – I’m under no illusions there.

We can still do something positive that will help us later in life.

Have a good week.


PS -want to see for yourself? Here she is

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