Good old outrage culture claimed another victim over the last few days.

You may well have heard about the ticketing controversy from the Boomers vs USA basketball games in Melbourne.

People whinging on social media and complaining about their seats and how much money they paid.

Even Russell Crowe made constant headlines in Melbourne (and I guess everywhere else too) cause he had a whinge about paying $1500 each for tickets near the front.

Now I like the Gladiator, but for a man that has more money than God to whinge about paying what would have been a cheaper price equivalent to what I would’ve paid based on annual earnings because people were standing up in front of him (before the game started mind you) is a bit rich for me.

Everyone sat down for the game.

You didn’t hear about that.

Sure, the promoters deserve a kick up the backside for their advertising of the game (and who they alleged would come) and also how their digitised arena set up would supposedly look – it was definitely far from what was advertised.

So I’ll give the critics those points. It definitely could’ve been managed and organised better.

And if you took a kid and got floor seats that weren’t in the front rows – sure they couldn’t see. So you got screwed there and those people are entitled to complain

But for everyone else.

Cry me a river.

My seats for game 1 weren’t fantastic for the price I paid, but I was just happy to be there for the event.

As a basketball fan, I loved it. Even if I thought we deserved a better view.
Saturday arvo my seats were awesome (and cheaper than the game 1 funnily enough). There was a slightly restricted view but for the most part it was great.

The point of this message today is to once again prove that we live in a negative society – where negative news always wins out over positive stories.

I mean for the first time ever we beat USA – and gave them their first loss in 13 years – but the focus was on the setting ‘fiasco’.

Getting a major event like USA basketball to come here for the first time since the 2000 Olympics would not have been cheap – no matter if it was a full strength team or not.

And like when Elton John performs, you don’t get in cheaply.

It is what it is.

I knew my seats wouldn’t be as good as they were the last time I saw the Boomers play, despite being more expensive.

But I still chose to buy them.

So I’ll leave you with this – we all have a choice of whether to believe if something is really a problem or just being made out to be one to sell a story or an agenda.

Some things could’ve been better. 

Just like in life.

Hopefully the promoters learn their lessons if there’s ever another similar event.

But overall, I chose to focus on the fact the games were great. and being there for us winning was a moment I’ll never forget.

I chose not to focus on the negatives or buy in to the outrage culture when it seems to be the popular thing to do.

I’ve got enough other things to worry about.

I’m sure you do as well.

Obviously this applies to everything, not just basketball tickets so hopefully you can see the point of this message today and hopefully got something out of it.


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