As you may be aware, there’s plenty of options that I offer at DPM that can help someone who wants a little bit of extra accountability and focus around their health and fitness.

And one positive out of last year was those options expanded even further.
So in case you may be wondering how you can get involved with DPM this year, 

or expand on what you’re already doing, or maybe you know someone who mentioned that they’re looking to do something different – this is pretty much everything right now: 

– 1 on 1 personal training – 30 minute sessions 

– Small Group Training at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill (with a 2 week free test drive to see if we’re a good fit for each other)

– Zoom private 1 on 1 sessions if you don’t live local and still want to make the most of the DPM action and accountability

– Zoom group – join in as we do our in person sessions from the comfort of your home 

– 6 week Challenges 

– Online coaching where I set you a program to do on your own and change it up each month, as well as regular weekly check ins to make sure you’re on top of things and on track with doing what you said you’d do

– These emails 

All at various price points- including free like the last one.

And if there’s something that isn’t on there, but you think should be then let me know that too.

So really there’s no excuse not to do something this year. 

This is the most amount of time you’ll have to do something special. 

Each week and each month cuts that timeframe down as obviously the year gets shorter and shorter.

Simply that means – start now – don’t wait any longer.

Doesn’t matter if it’s not the start of the week.

Your week, and your new plan for the year can start now.

There’s no good reason why it can’t.

Even if you have ‘something on’ this weekend or tomorrow – start now.

How about it?


PS – if something above did catch your eye and you want to find out more about it, or if you know someone who may be interested please let me know

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