So we’re pretty much one week down in our 6 week challenge.

And with that we’re getting some good progress all ready.

Remember, I’m not expecting people to change their world in a week.

I’m just asking for today to be better than yesterday and this week to be a step ahead of last week.

And with those small changes adding up day after day, we’re making big overall progress when you look back on what you’ve achieved 6 weeks down the track.

Make sense?

So with that in mind, today is the last day to join us for the remaining 5 weeks of the challenge.

If you’re not sure of what you’re getting into, you will get one small simple challenge emailed to you from Monday to Friday.

You focus on that thing.

And build up those little things.

It’s about the extra accountability.

The workouts you do are comprised of your current DPM sessions and any other action you want to add in to that.

I can steer you in the right direction if you need that.

So last chance – do you want to join us?

Hit reply and let me know if your answer is yes.


PS – remember it’s complimentary for current DPMers and only $50 if you’re not working with me right now


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