Something a little different to start your week off.

There was a UK Healthy Lifestyle Cities Report that came out recently and Sydney came in at number 2 in the findings.

Amsterdam was number one if you were interested.I guess we can’t keep up with their ‘night life’.

And Melbourne was 11.

Not bad, but they’ll have a chip on their shoulder that we beat em I reckon.

So how did they come to these rankings?

The looked at 10 healthy living factors – including obesity levels, pollution rates, the cost of gym membership, life expectancy, sunshine hours, hours worked, outdoor activities and the like.

Seems we go alright for most of it.

The interesting thing they did say was the cost of gym membership was relatively high compared to other cities and they suggested maybe outdoors training is the way to go.

That part I can’t disagree with.

I’m always going to encourage people to exercise outside.

And as for the cost of gym memberships or what I do? It is what it is. 

The beauty of what I offer is there’s a more personalised service than what a gym offers.

The other thing is because people choose to invest in what I offer, it makes them more accountable to follow through and do what they said they would do – and I want to make sure that happens.

That way everyone wins and gets results.

And we can enjoy living in the second best city in the world.

Although I reckon first place would’ve easily been ours if traffic didn’t suck so much.


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