Well, there you go.

One month down already for the year.

And with February obviously only a short month, that’ll fly by too.

For me, February is a massive month. Emily starts school next week and Jade turns 1. Both pretty cool things.

Which brings me to this question:

Are you happy with how you’ve started the year?

And if the answer is no, what can be done better?

What have you already crossed off that’s a win?

What do you have to work on?

Maybe I can help you with anything that you need to work on?

I have some availability for some one-on-one personal training sessions – or even partner sessions of course – on Tuesday (as of mid February) and also Thursdays.

Both options are mid morning to lunch time slots.

Wednesday and Friday I have a lunch time-early afternoon slot available.

Failing that, remember our small group sessions are located at Lilyfield and Observatory Hill.

And of course my book that’ll look after your workouts if you can’t join us in person for a session.

Does any of that grab your interest?

So back to that first question:

Are you happy with the way 2019 has started for you?

If not, you know what to do…


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