The old saying that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel always rings true.

And today I’m calling on some old words from a man who’s long since departed (well 11 years ago anyways, meaning these words are from a time long before that)

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day”.

These were words spoken many years ago by Jim Rohn who was an author, motivational speaker and the like.

While this quote sure rings true any time of the year, it definitely is appropriate for right now considering the launch of the DPM Spring 6 Week Challenge yesterday.

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And especially so when you focus on the ‘few simple disciplines practiced every day’ part.

Cause one of the key parts of this program is the daily challenge that I’ll be sending out via our WhatsApp group.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you climb Everest in a day.

It focuses on one small action point to implement each day.

Things like making sure you are drinking enough water.

Or adding in some incidental exercise like going for a walk or mowing the lawn.

Maybe it’s tracking your sleep habits for a couple of days.

Or even how your body responds when you eat different foods or drinks.

You get the point?

It’s all about slowly building on those small steps day after day so at the end of 6 weeks it adds up to something pretty special.

And at the same time, by practising the above habits each day, you’ll be able to avoid the errors in judgement that will inevitably happen (cause we’re all human) compounding and becoming more and more frequent.

Cause the one thing you’ll learn if nothing else is to not beat yourself up when there’s a slip up to your ideal week.

It’ll happen.

The main thing is how you react to when it does.

​​​​​​​And that’s what we focus on.

So if you’re looking for a bit of extra motivation and accountability, join the next DPM Spring 6 Week Challenge – we start on Monday Week (October 26).

Your investment is only $99 and if you missed yesterdays message with everything that’s included let me know and I’ll send it through.

Join the DPM Spring 6 Week Challenge Now

Got questions? Just let me know.


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