Cause it’s Friday, I’ve got something I found that’ll give you a laugh.

And I thought after my post on Tuesday about the benefits of wine,

I thought you’d enjoy this, so long as you don’t take the advice seriously.

Although, at the time back in the 70’s apparently it was a real deal:

A crash diet that promised you weight loss drinking a bottle of wine a day!

Where do I sign up…

It was a thing apparently or so says this report I came across last week that mentioned a 1977 Vogue Body and Beauty book and their recommended weight loss diet.

Breakfast: A glass of white wine, 1 black coffee and 1 hard boiled egg

Lunch: 2 hardboiled or poached eggs, 2 glasses of white wine and another black coffee

Dinner: 150g steak seasoned with black pepper and lemon juice, the rest of the bottle of wine and finally another black coffee 

So what do you think, would you give it a go?

Kinda repetitive don’t you think?

Not to mention a tad bit dangerous!

Thankfully the times have changed a bit for what’s recommended for weight loss these days, even though, as I mentioned the other day I do like a drink, I don’t think I could do a bottle a day, every day.

To me this diet’s probably just an excuse to cover for a journalists alcoholism – especially with the breakfast wine, and then finding they actually lost weight by doing it.

Truth be told, there’s an easier way as you’re no doubt aware, and that way let’s you enjoy a wine or three at your leisure = preferably not everyday!

And if you have any questions about how the DPM plan can work for you, just hit reply and let me know.


PS – don’t believe me? The news story linked to this tweet