Curiosity did get the better of me I gotta admit.

But I had to click on a link when I saw the headline say ‘delicious healthy breakfast recipe’ or words to those effect.

And I was even more intrigued when I realised that it was a promoted add and I could make out what seemed to be rice bubbles.

And of course, it was an ad promoted by Kelloggs.

So my next thought was “this’ll be interesting…”

And wow.

Just wow.

Wait till you see this.

Mango Coconut Chia Breakfast.

Sounds healthy right?

Well don’t be too fooled.

Let’s have a look at their ‘breaky delight’:

Ingredients (and I’ll add my comments after the equals sign on each line)

1 can: light coconut milk = because there’s not enough sugar in this already we’ll take out any good fat that’s in coconut milk, replace it with sugars and sweeteners just to really screw you)

3 tablespoons: white or black chia seeds = great option

1 teaspoon: sugar (optional) = because like I said, there’s already not enough sugar in this

1 teaspoon: vanilla essence = yeah whatever no real harm done

3 3/4 cups: Kellogg’s® Rice Bubbles® cereal = hint: this isn’t as healthy as Kelloggs would like you to think. Go back again to the sugar theme for earlier…

1/3 cup: coconut flakes = great option 

1 cup: chopped mango or papaya = great option

So once again, don’t believe everything you read.

Want to know what to eat based on the above?

Stick with the chia, coconut milk (full fat), coconut flakes and mango and that’s a pretty good start.

Not my choice.

But a hell of a lot better than the one offered.

And really that’s what it’s all about when you’re looking at getting back on track.

Choose the better option.

It doesn’t have to always be the BEST option, just the BETTER option and you’ll still be in front of where you were.

Make sense?

Need help getting off on the right foot and getting on top of your eating?

Or want to know what other breakfast options make the cut?

Especially when there’s so much confusion out there especially pedalled by companies like Kelloggs marketing their breakfast foods as healthy options.

You know what to do.

Hit reply and lets see what we can get happening or click the link below for more info.


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And of course you’ll get the hook up with my results guaranteed 3 Day Detox Diet that will set you on the right path.



PS – Oh, and when I say ‘detox’ I don’t mean a crazy detox that makes you drink some crazy syrup or take magic pills – it’s a detox from processed carbs and other junk for 3 days.

Sound doable?

Of course it is!


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