Another thing I didn’t mention in yesterdays launch email for the next Transformation Contest kicking off on Monday February 4 is that just like last year, there’ll be prizes!

I like to reward your effort and results, so those who are judged to have the best transformations, not just physically or weight loss wise, but taking into account stuff like lifestyle change, overcoming adversity throughout the challenge and overall sessions completed etc.

So that way it doesn’t disadvantage you if weight loss isn’t your primary motivation here.

Maybe you want to give up a few bad habits?

Maybe you just want to make exercise a part of your routine again?

Whatever it is, that way you’ll have a shot at the main prize.

And those prizes?

I liked the last ones so we’ll run with the same:

* 1ST PLACE:- $100 The Restaurant Choice gift card (so you can choose any restaurant you want and enjoy part of the tab on me)- DPM Hoodie- DPM T-Shirt

* 2ND PLACE:- $50 Rebel gift card to score yourself some new training gear- DPM T-Shirt

* 3RD PLACE- $30 Hoyts gift card to go and see a movie on me- DPM T-Shirt

You can secure your place here with the $199 early bird package.

I’ll then be in touch with the next steps.

I also forgot to mention yesterday that there’s also a WhatsApp group were we can support each other and ask your questions.

This proved popular last year and the facebook group was non existent, so I’ll probably brush that.

Especially with facebook being a seemingly sinking ship with all their bad publicity of late, it’s no wonder everyone is bailing on them.

In fact if it wasn’t for running a few ads on there every now and then I’d bail too I reckon.

See you on the other side.