This Small Group Program Helps Frustrated & Busy Sydney Parents Feel Stronger, More Energised AND Get Their Confidence Back

All Without Having To Endure Soul Crushing Fad Diets, Pills, Shakes Or Vomit Inducing Workouts

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This Is Definitely Not Your Traditional Boot Camp! You'll Feel Fitter, Stronger, Toned & More Energised Without Having Someone In Camo Pants Yell At You

These small group sessions in Observatory Hill and Lilyfield are definitely not your traditional bootcamp environment. You know the one where the trainer is wearing camo pants and yelling out the instructions. I figure if you want that, you'll join the army.

This environment is fun and supportive - both from me and from the others who you'll meet in the group. They're all just like you - busy mums and dads (all over 40, so no doof doof music that sounds like the cd's skipped).

Give me a chance to let DPM show you how this is different to pretty much any other training experience you've previously had.

Even if you're not looking for weight loss, but want to build some strength, and regain some old energy again you're in the right place.

And if you do want to lose a few stubborn kilos that you can't seem to shift, I'll change the way you feel about dieting & exercise for good so that you can finally notice some progress without having to starve yourself or do vomit inducing workouts in a sweaty gym ever again.

You won't even have to count every single calorie you eat or give up your favourite foods either!

Better yet, this conveniently located small group training program at Observatory Hill and Lilyfield is at the perfect time before work and even on a Saturday morning (Observatory Hill only) to start your weekend off perfect.

What You'll Discover As Part Of The DPM Outdoor Training Program At Observatory Hill & Lilyfield

  • How to tone and strengthen your body so you can wear that tight fitting top with confidence instead of the usual 'mum uniform' of baggy t-shirt and loose jeans, all without spending hours in a sweaty gym or giving up those cheeky glasses of wine (Say goodbye to that bloated feeling forever!)
  • How to burn more body fat by doing LESS exercise (and without having to look at that boring treadmill, awkward gym experiences with that weird guy that stares at you, or go for a long run ever again) so that you can finally see some progress with your training and not have to compromise your family time
  • How your favourite 'naughty' foods can actually help you finally break through that weight plateau if you are looking to lose weight, even if you've always struggled
  • How you can get the best quality sleep you've had since before your kids were born (even if you still have to get up during the night to attend to them)
  • How to have your skin looking clearer and fresher than it ever has before so that your friends beg you for your 'anti-aging' secret and even accuse you of having work done!
  • If you're already into a regular exercise routine, discover why you may be doing too much training and why it may be holding you back from maximising your progress no matter whether you're looking for stress relief, toning, strengthening or even weight loss
  • You can achieve all of this and more without even having to worry about obsessing over calorie counting or by following some impossible to stick to (and dangerous) diet ever again!

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How To Tell If You Are The Right Fit For This Program

Can you never seem to find the time, or the motivation to finally do something about the worries that keep you awake at night?

Maybe you just don't have enough energy to get started?

Maybe you've been burned by too many fad diets and workouts that promise the world only to leave you angry and heavier then before while only leaving you lighter in the purse swearing never to bother again?

Then you're exactly the person I'm looking for to join our DPM Small Group sessions conveniently located at Observatory Hill, Millers Point (The Rocks), or in Lilyfield right next to the Bay Run, that was designed especially for busy 40+ parents like you.

Why 40 plus? Well, all of my clients are at least 40 plus, a fair share 50 plus and even above (just between you and me).

I know how you feel. I know it seems weird for a bloke to say that right? But I have worked with many busy mums over the years, just like you. And plenty of dads too.

All with seemingly no time for themselves. All with a busy job, partner and kids to try and devote time to. And a fair share of them have tried pretty much every other workout or diet fad previously. This is where I come in to make things simple and doable so you don't have to worry about that again.

The good news is, I've worked out a format that allows you to maximise your training gains - i.e. feeling stronger, more energised, fitter and healthier.

And for those who want to lose those stubborn 5-10kg we can nail that too - as mentioned earlier without any fad diets.

Arguably the best thing though that most DPMers can agree on is the stress release that comes from a regular routine and not having to worry about whether what you're doing by yourself is the right thing or not.

All without you having to commit to hours of mind numbing exercise (with time that you don't have!) in a gym full of people who you're sure are staring at you.

And all without having to live off rabbit food and never enjoy the 'treats' that you keep you sane each week.

In fact, you'll even have fun at our sessions when you realise that you're surrounded with like minded people just like you who love to have a laugh.

Yes. Exercise the DPM way can even be fun!

And you can still enjoy that class of wine or three and a cheeky slice of cake with your family without any guilt.

Don't believe me?

Just listen to some of the happy DPMers share their story below. These same people were in the same position that you may well be in now not too long ago.

But they had faith. They took a leap and finally decided that it was now or possibly never.

How are they feeling now?

  • No more bloating
  • They're sleeping better
  • Their skin is clearer
  • They no longer feel self-conscious and are able to embrace how their body feels and looks
  • They're even setting a better example for their kids by showing them that they lead an active and healthy life (and in some cases having their kids join in with the workouts when they do something at home!)

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

What Is Included With Your DPM VIP Membership

  • A DPM T-Shirt

  • Optional training mat for you to keep

  • Access to the DPM 6 Week Express Transformation System via INSTANT digital download
  • Your own personal hard copy (printed version) of the Quick, Healthy Meals Cookbook and DPM Food Guide
  • Food diary reviews, and coaching to help you get on top of the eating part of your transformation if you are looking to lose weight

  • Unlimited access to me via SMS or email to answer your questions as you go

  • A private Facebook group that provides the accountability to ensure your success so that you can ask your questions, get support and encouragement, share your victories and struggles with other DPMers (NOTE: This is where the real magic is of this program and what separates it from pretty much anything else out there - the constant support and interaction even outside of your training sessions to help your success so that you never feel like you're doing this alone)
  • But best of all, after you've been training with DPM for only 6 short months, I'll shout you and your partner a $200 dinner gift voucher to any restaurant of your choice as a thank you and to celebrate the progress you've made. There's no hoops to jump through or get out clauses, after 6 months you get your voucher. I'd rather do that then waste money on advertising that doesn't work cause I figure you'll be more than happy to tell your friends about what you've achieved and how you feel and they may well want that too

Small Group Training Times At Observatory Hill (And Our Other Lilyfield Location)

  • 1.

    5:40am-6:40am Lilyfield Circuit Group

    * Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
    * Venue: Leichhardt Oval Number 3, Maliyawul St, Lilyfield (half way down the field)

  • 2.

    7:15-7:45am Express Circuit

    * Tuesday and Thursdays
    * Tuesday we box, Thursday is a bodyweight resistance circuit
    * Venue: Observatory Hill, The Rocks

  • 3.

    8-9am Saturday Wake Up Circuit

    * Saturday morning circuit to start the weekend off right
    * Venue: Observatory Hill, Upper Fort Street in Millers Point (The Rocks)

  • 4

    New ZOOM Workout Option

    * Can't make any of our in-person sessions but don't want to miss out on your DPM action? Simply join in via the DPM Zoom link and you can train from the comfort of your own home. This is the perfect option if you are still working from home and can't make our city sessions.

So Who Is Daniel Munday & Why Trust Him?

I have been helping busy women (and a few blokes too) keep on track since 2005 here at DPM - something I started from scratch. For the 5 years prior to that I worked in hotel and corporate gyms, so it's safe to say I've been around for a LONG time and seen it all!

My passion is helping these time pressed parents find their long lost energy, motivation and feel like their old self without having to devote hours and hours each week slaving away with a vomit inducing workout or meal plan that makes you count every single calorie that you eat.

I'm also married to my wife Bronwyn and a busy self employed Dad myself, to my princesses Emily and Jade, so I know exactly how time poor you are.

Your Investment?

The 'DPM Better Than Money Back 12 MONTH Guarantee’

I am so confident that you will look and feel better than you ever have before with your DPM Transformation. Your confidence and strength will be sky high, your clothes will feel looser and of course, you will have more energy than you’ve ever had since the kids have been born.

So, in the unlikely event that you’re not completely 100% satisfied with your training and the results you’ve achieved anytime during your first 12 months – then I will refund every single last cent you have paid me plus I will train you for free until you are happy.

No ifs or buts, if you’re not happy than neither am I so you will get every cent back just for giving the sessions a good honest go and by following the easy to follow transformation system that’s laid out for you.

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* Your membership will be automatically deducted on the same day each month until you tell me to stop.

* Your monthly investment is based on a 47 week calendar year - 2 weeks holiday at Christmas (when my doors close), 1 week mid year and 2 weeks for you at any other time of the year.

* Your investment is now locked in for the remainder of your time with DPM - no matter how high my prices rise in the future.

* Remember, if you need to suspend or cancel your membership at any time please let me know. I am here to help you.

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In only 30 short days you could be stuck where you are at now, be that tired, stressed or however your situation is now, or you can choose to invest in yourself and your biggest 'problem' will be having to get used to your friends constantly asking "What have you been doing?"

You know what to do.



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 P.S. When you join us today your investment is fixed and will never raise - no matter how high my prices may increase down the track. (If you decide to leave you will not be eligible for this investment should you rejoin in the future)

P.P.S. Remember as part of your transformation you will receive a training mat, DPM t-shirt, access to the DPM 6 Week Express Transformation System, optional food coaching reviews PLUS your $200 Free Dinner Gift Voucher reward after your 6th month of training  and of course, the accountability to keep you on track.