How good are nuts?

So long as you don’t have a kid with an allergy of course.

But they’re a staple in our house.

For snacks.

For home made pizza bases with almond meal.

And of course for any other type of baking you want to do like muffins or whatever that helps break up the normal ‘healthy eating is boring’ mentality.

They can also be the basis of a pretty damn tasty bread alternative.

Oh, and I nearly forgot nut spread.

My favourite dessert served over some frozen berries or mango.

Research has shown over the years that a 30 gram serving of nuts can reduce your chances of developing many different health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Not a bad option than right?

So what makes up 30 grams?

I have no idea.

Usually I’d just say the size of your palm counts as a serving size, but that can be a lot of nuts right.

So I went to Dr Google to see what he had to say:

Seems that 30g is equal to approx:

– 20 Almonds
– 10 Brazil nuts
– 15 cashews
– 4 chestnuts
– 20 Hazelnuts
– 15 Macadamias
– 15 Pecans
– 60 Pistachios
– 10 Walnuts or 20 Walnut Halves
– 2 Tablespoons of Pine Nuts
– Small handful mixed nuts

And while walnuts are supposed to be the best option on a health basis really, you can’t go wrong if you’re going all natural nuts.

Take your pick.

Whatever you like.

What’s your go-to?


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