After yesterdays lament for a time when common sense reigned,

and we as a society didn’t get offended on someone else’s behalf at the absolute drop of a hat,

I thought I’d bring you something today showing a bit more initiative.

Even though I wouldn’t actually want it to happen to me.

But I gotta give the kid points for ingenuity and resilience.

Even if he is a little so and so.

Did you hear the story the other day about the 12 year old kid who ran away to Bali?

The little bugger used his parents credit card to book flights, accomodation and enjoyed a 4 night holiday in Bali, drank beer, hired a scooter for the day all because, quote “I wanted to go on an adventure”.

Once again, I’m glad it didn’t happen to me cause I cannot fathom how his poor parents would have felt.

BUT, it does raise a few questions,

namely how on earth did a 12 year old kid successfully board an overseas flight (he checked in himself and just took carry on luggage).

Also how did he get past immigration when he got there (when asked he said his mum was waiting outside).

He knew absolutely what he was doing as he’d been there every year with his family.

The kid had a plan.

And only came undone when he posted a couple of pics to social media that tipped off his whereabouts.

Luckily for his parents who probably feared the worst.

The story did end up with a happy ending with him finding his way home.

I wonder what the punishment for that escape will be?

Not to mention the $8000 credit card debt he rang up.

He wasn’t exactly slumming it in a hostel by the sounds of it.

All of this just goes to show though,

that it’s exactly what happens when you follow a plan.

Whether it’s running away from home to Bali,

or in fact when it comes to your training and food planning.

Results happen when you have a plan that’s laid out for you.

Not when you just wing it and make it up as you go along.

Back yourself.

Cause if a 12 year old kid can run away to another country, 

then there’s definitely no reason why you can’t succeed with whatever it is you want!


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