Straight from the files of not the best idea ever, is this one that I came across last week when I saw the headline as I filled up my car.

Man Facing Car Theft Charges Shows Up To Court In Stolen Car, or words to that effect.

And when I googled it to try and find the story, it turns out this isn’t an isolated case.

There were plenty of times this has happened it seems.

Just proves that there’s a lot of crooks out there who wouldn’t exactly pass as criminal masterminds.

So file them away as some of the blunt tools in the shed.

What isn’t a bad idea however is grabbing yourself a DPM 10 Pack casual pass.

Click Here To Lock In Your DPM 10 Pack

This is perfect for those whose schedules don’t allow a regular monthly training commitment – maybe you travel a lot for work, or maybe you can’t get your kids minded for a normal routine.
That’s cool.

Get this 10 pack for only $275 and have 3 months to use your 10 sessions.

Make a smart move and get this as a way to complement your regular training routine, and to keep yourself, or get back in, involved as part of Team DPM.

Like I meniitoned the other day, I don’t know how long I will keep this open for, but I am testing it for a couple of months and judging the interest and effectiveness.

Hopefully it becomes another option to help you cross off your training.

Let me know if you have any questions.

But to grab yours just click the link right here and I’ll be in touch to get you started.

As a reminder, the session options are:

– Lilyfield early morning group: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 5:40-6:40 @ Leichhardt Oval # 3

– Observatory Hill 30 Min Blast: Tuesday and Thursday 7:15-7:45 

– Saturday morning 8-9am at Observatory Hill

And you can swap between each group depending on what works best for you.

Look forward to having you test this out.



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