Alright fellas (and for those ladies reading with fellas), it’s time to get serious about mens health.

The other week I came across a report called Ten to Men which is labelled as an Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health and it makes for interesting reading.

Well to be honest, it’s pretty long, so I just read the highlights.

But that still throws out some interesting data.

Obviously none of us are getting any younger, and while we may have taken our health for granted – we definitely can’t do it now, and even more so as we get older.

I’m aware of that now more than ever after finding out some health things for me that I have to keep an eye on like I’ve shared before.

And as I’ve found out, as have others, you can’t choose your genes.

So even if you are in reasonably good nick now, that doesn’t mean inside things are all flying smoothly as

I naively assumed not too long ago.

Anyways, this report was released at the end of last year, and covered data from 2013/14 and 2015/16.

Don’t ask me why it took 4 years to release the findings though as that seems like a long period.

The main findings are not necessarily surprising, but worth ramming home again:

“Australian males are more likely than females to experience certain health concerns, including bowel and skin cancer, obesity, diabetes and stroke. 

They are more likely to engage in risk behaviours such as alcohol and other drug use. 

Males have a heightened risk of mortality, yet are more likely to think that their health is fine and that they can independently manage health concerns.

Men are also less likely to engage with health services compared to women. Importantly, poor health experienced by males can also impact their families, friends and the wider community.”

Like I said, not surprising, but we need to address this.

Now obviously if you’re a bloke reading this, you’re obviously doing something about your health.

And if you’re a woman reading this, hopefully your man is too. Or your son if they’re an adult.

Or your bloke if you’re a bloke and that’s your thing.

We don’t discriminate here.

Cause things can be reversed.

It’s not too late to do something about your health unless you’re six feet under.

And don’t let that day be anytime soon.

Now this brings me to mention this.

If you, or someone you know reading this, needs to pull their finger out and focus on their health -that’s where I come in and want to help.

There’s plenty of avenues we can do this.

Be that one-on-one personal training, joining in on our morning group sessions, or even some zoom sessions.

Let’s start a conversation and see what we can work out.

Your kids will thank you.

And your partner too of course.


PS – if you want to read the report for yourself, you can do so here.


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