Add this one to this list for the worst dieting stories that I’ve been featuring lately. 

I also strongly recommend that you file this in the definitely don’t try this at home category.

You’ve been warned!

Anyways, into the story.

This was one of the entries that I was given in our recent contest.

As per the last time, the entrants name is not going to be mentioned for privacy reasons, but needless to say, she knows how silly this was in hindsight.

But as always, everyone looks like a genius in hindsight right?

So here we go.

This one was a 2 week juice cleanse.

And as per our last story, sure they lost weight, this time 4kgs, but it all came back on within 2 months. Basically as soon as you start eating real food again.

The dangerous part though, and a reason why I definitely wouldn’t recommend you try this at home was two fold.

One, cause you’re not eating real food, our entrant reported that after 10 days she started chewing her nails just to get some texture.

Not ideal right?

The other side effect was the havoc it wreaked on her bowel movements.
Not exactly dinner table conversation, but an important one to have nonetheless.

That took 4-6 weeks to get back to near normal.

So like I mentioned initially, and the reason for running that competition, was not to embarrass your past mistakes, but to help shed light on your past mistakes so that others don’t have to walk your path.

If you didn’t enter the competition, but still would like to share your tale to others, be sure to reply to this and let me know.

And as for what does work?

I’ll keep it simple for you.

The DPM Food Plan.

As this short video explains


PS – if you saw my message yesterday, or my video on Instagram, let me know what you think about me doing a podcast.
Is it worthwhile and something you’d find beneficial and actually listen to? Or maybe you’d just prefer the written word from me.

Either way, let me know your thoughts. Obviously I won’t do it if there’s no interest, and I’ll just stick to what I’m doing now with the occasional Instagram and YouTube videos.


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