While I’m not saying you’re Jay Z, finding yourself with 99 problems and all that,

you may well have a pretty significant problem that I’m going to look into today.

This is one of the most common ones I’ve heard over the years.

And one I’ll admit to suffer from too occasionally.


Or lack there-of.

There’s always a hundred things to do (if you’re lucky) but not enough time to do them.

For a lot of people, that is the biggest reason they convince themselves why they can’t commit to a regular workout routine.

Whether that be with my sort of training sessions, or even joining a gym.

I also understand that some can’t even manage the time for our shorter 30 minute sessions that I run when you’ve got to add in the time it takes to get there and shower afterwards etc.

I get that.

So, what if I could offer you a solution to that time issue?

One that would allow you to still be active and get in some exercise.

Cause we both know it helps you – not just physically with increasing your strength and helping you lose a few extra kilos that you don’t really want to stick around, 

but also just as importantly, we both know that exercise helps us mentally.

Not just as the after workout feel good hormones are released by your brain, but also as a great stress relief.

If you can see where I’m going, you’ll realise that the best solution for those who are time pressed is my book.

Short ‘N Sweet: The 20 Minute Home Workout Solution For Busy Parents.

The names a bit of a give-away, but it obviously takes you a maximum of 20 minutes to get this done.

Yes, this even includes warm up and cool downs.

And if you’re really time pressed, you can do a workout like I showed you yesterday, or a modified version of the six different bodyweight workouts that you’ll find in this book (going through for 3 sets instead of 4 or 2 sets instead of 3 and so on).

The same reasons I mentioned above was the exact same reason why I decided to actually take the time and effort to write this book.

To help you out.

So if you’re yet to grab yours, click this link here right now and secure yours for only $20 (including free delivery)



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