If you remember my message from Friday that was basically about how everything in the fitness industry is overcomplicated and hypey, this one thing today will follow along well off the back of that.

There was an article that I saw last week with the headline “Full-body workout machines for the best fitness results” and right away they lost me on the concept, but I knew I had to see what they wrote.

Strike another win up for clickbait headlines.

Anyways, their idea is that you can get a similar type of workout to what you’d get in a gym.

But here’s the thing, I don’t know why you need a bunch of machines to get in a decent home workout.

Sure have a thing or two to help, like maybe a tube or roller or kettlebell or whatever.

Even free weights like barbells and dumbbells. 

And a boxing bag can hit the spot too cause you don’t need a partner.

Go for your life there if you have the room.
But a machine?


Not when you can stick with just your bodyweight and get in some great workouts that’ll get your heart rate up and help improve your fitness.

And of course if weight loss is your thing you’re covered too.

You can even put on muscle mass if you’re doing the right type of training and eating the right type of stuff with just bodyweight training and a few extra bands or tubes as added resistance.

No need to go the full home gym route which is going to set you back hundreds if not four figures.

Just keep things simple like I mentioned the other day.

Don’t overthink things.

And if you need some help with a bit more direction, or know someone who does, I’m more than happy to help out.


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