This advice today applies to pretty much everyone, but it is especially even more more important for people who cross the 5-0 barrier – and that next one too…

You know how it goes – the body starts to slow down as we get older and things that seemed easy are no longer so.

But it’s not all down hill.

I was reading an article on things that people can do to no matter what their age to help improve their health.

Cause they are absolutely right -it is never too late to start doing something productive to look after you and your future health.

One of the points they made was to become more insulin sensitive.

Basically all that means is it’s the exact opposite of insulin resistance – which is a condition that has been linked to most degenerative diseases (ie cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis etc) and can make it really hard for someone who wants to lose weight.

So in a word, it means that our body can process insulin properly and use it for our benefit.

Make sense?

So how do we get there?


– Do resistance training

– Avoid overeating

– taking more walks and doing low intensity cardio 

– not overdoing your carb intake

So in a nutshell – the DPM game plan.

Although sometimes i can definitely overeat at a big occasion like Christmas or whatever.

But this is also a reason why I don’t recommend people go totally carb free.

Beside it being restricting, and hard to manage in the real world, I find the carb cycling approach works really well.

My game plan as you may be aware for those who want to lose a few kgs includes a carb hit on day 4 after a 3 day focus on ‘clean food’. Proteins and fruits and vegetables and the like.

I’ve found adding a regular walk a couple of times a week into my training routine to be great – both for my mental downtime away for some ‘me-time’ and also for the physical benefit.

It’s also a good change of pace to the resistance training and lets my body recover from those sessions.

And if you can keep on top of this, especially when you’re in that 50 and over category, you’re going to reduce the traditional weight gain that people can tend to put on at that age as their hormones go all over the shop and pack it in.

And if you need a bit of encouragement with the workout side of things? 

Get a copy of my book for only $20.

It’ll make a good Christmas present too.


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