Are you over the working from home thing yet?

If you’re already back in the office obviously this won’t apply to you but if you are still to make a return you could well agree with this sentiment I found last week.

It seems that most people are working on average an extra 30 minutes each day now they’re not going into the office.

That may not seem like a lot in the short term, when you think about it, it’s an extra 2.5 hours a week, and times that by the 9 months you’ve been at home for and you can see how people are starting to feel cooked.

And a bit used.

Sure a bit of extra flexibility is nice cause you can drop the kids off and pick up and all that stuff, but they’re certainly getting their pound of flesh from you expecting to be around earlier – and later – for meetings and the like when you’d usually be making the commute in.

This study wasn’t just an Aussie one either – it was over 65 countries, so a fair sample size.

And only 2 of those 65 reported less working hours.

Obviously this is no good for long term employee health and mental wellbeing.

You can only flog a horse so much before it runs lame.

So if you fit into this category of working longer, hopefully you can at least take some solace from the fact that you’re definitely not alone.

But also, let’s make the most of it while you can.

Can you schedule some time out of your diary so no meetings can be booked at a certain time of day?

Maybe it’s for a walk?

Maybe you might get in a short workout at home?

Or maybe you might want to get in a quick 30 minute session with me where I come to your house to make it easy for you (or do on zoom as I do with a few clients these days).

Only a couple of weeks left before we wrap up for the year, but we can certainly make something work.

Let me know if that interests you.

Otherwise, definitely use this message as a reminder to block some time out of your diary for yourself to keep on top of things physically, but also mentally.



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