No doubt you’re aware of the #nofilter social media hashtag.

Where someone takes a pic and doesn’t do any fancy stuff too it in simple terms.

Cause with instagram and everything else these days,

you can pretty much add whatever filter you want to make you look like Ken Duncan,

when really it took you 10 shots to get one that wasn’t blurry anyway.

So todays email is brought to you by #nofilter.

Cause if you’ve been reading these for even a short space of time,

you’d no doubt realise that I write with no filter.

I figure I’d rather be sometimes blunt, but always honest,

rather than try and sugar coat things and be all happy clappy all the time.

You’re smarter than that.

Besides, there’s too many trainers out there like that anyways.

Why be a sheep?

So I figure that by sharing what I go through, it might help you.

Just like yesterday about getting back on track again to ensure that I can still fit into my jeans.

Cause I know that you’ve probably got the same conversation going on in your head right now.

It isn’t easy.

Well, to be  honest, it’s easy to do nothing.

To ignore the problem and wish it would go away.

While at the same time going to buy that bigger pair of jeans next time you’re at the shops.

Nope, not us.

And if me being honest rather than pretending I live a perfect life and tell you to do the same, then probably you’d be better off if you hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of each message.

Cause you wouldn’t fit in with us anyways.

But if that isn’t you, you’d fit right in like a pair of old slippers at a nursing home.

Come join us at our small group sessions.

We’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill in the mornings.

More info here


Any questions hit reply and let me know.

In the meantime, it’s back to the detox game plan.

Luckily the food actually tastes pretty damn good,

so good in fact that you wouldn’t even think you’re on a ‘diet’.


PS – our groups are only small so you know you’ll get the attention that you don’t get at other ‘boot camp’ experiences.

Plus I promise not to wear camo pants and yell at you like you’re a naughty school kid.

Try it for yourself



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