Don’t take this the wrong way, 

but today I’m going to call you a nobody. 

Let me take a minute to explain why.

Like I said, don’t get offended, but before I get to the point, I’m going to go the long way around and share a story you may be familiar with.

Especially if you were a rugby fan back in the day.

I say were, cause back in the day I was a massive rugby fan.

I played it and even coached a colts team for a couple of years after injury stopped me playing on.

These days I couldn’t even tell you five players in the Wallabies team (before all sport stopped of course) and haven’t watched it for years.

It got too boring to be honest.

As you know with kids, you obviously know that your free time is limited – especially when they’re young.

So my free time that I get to watch sport – I want to be entertained.

And rugby definitely wasn’t doing that for me.

But rewind to the late 90’s, early 00’s and it was great to watch.

It helped that the Wallabies were great at it.

And there wasn’t many better than John Eales.

So much so, that his nickname was nobody.

As in nobody’s perfect.

Cause he was the closest thing to perfection at the time.

Nobody (Eales) is perfect.

So back to my point.

Nobody is perfect.

And that includes you.

This message follows on from what I said yesterday aimed at those who were starting new habits this week – or revisiting old ones again – and breaking some of the habits that we fell into during the lockdown.

Now with the kids officially back at school it’s the perfect time to get back into the swing again if you needed that prompt.

But when you do, remember there will be set backs.

Like I said yesterday, your week doesn’t have to be perfect.

Because nobodies week is perfect.

So don’t expect yours to be.

If you slip up, and one time or another you’re sure too.

Remember that’s just life.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

See it for what it is.

Work out if there was a trigger for the slip up.

And get back on the horse.

Don’t fall into the ‘why bother’ mentality if you slip up.

Move on.

It is what it is.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

It’s not just a bit of motivation for you, it’s a simple reminder.

Cause at the end of the week if you’ve had more wins than last week, then you’ve made progress.

Kinda simple when you break it down right?


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