Saw a headline this morning that caught my eye.

And although the headline itself wasn’t something I agree with,

(good old click bait)

the article was actually pretty decent despite the misleading headline.

“Why we should all eat like vegans”

No thanks indeed.

But there’s a few things we can learn from them

and the article shared a couple (there’s a link in the PS if you’re interested)

“Substitution of plant protein for animal protein,
especially from processed red meat,
may confer substantial health benefit,”

And before you think I’ve lost the plot and totally gone off the rails,

I’m not telling you to give up the red meat.

Cause that’s one of the joys in life

– a delicious grass fed steak

washed down with a nice shiraz.

Read what the study (that went over 30 years and had over 130,000 people included) had to say

The researcher’s final conclusion
was that people who substituted just 3 percent of their calories
from animal proteins with protein from plants
had a lower risk of death from almost all causes.

So it’s just changing things up a bit right?

Not living like an unwashed hippy.

Adding a few more veggies here and there.

Even some beans to your meals.

One way we do this is adding butter beans to home made pumpkin soup

(I also throw in a tin of tuna to fill me up)

But a little bit of something different doesn’t hurt right?

Time to try something different for yourself?

Come join us at our small group sessions.

We’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill in the mornings.

I’ll even shout you the first week free on the house 

so you can be sure that it’s for you

(just mention this email)

More info here


Any questions hit reply and let me know.



PS – here’s that link to their suggestions for adding more veggies which aren’t actually that bad


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