If that proposed 8 week transformation has your interest after reading yesterday’s email, you may have one big question:

There’s no refund?

Nope. Not this time around. 

You see, sometimes I’ve ran similar things like this with a refund to everyone who finishes the program. 

That means that they’ve had to complete every mission and allow permission for me to use their stories and photos in my marketing. 

Or in the case of my Short ‘N Sweet book, use their story to help inspire others. 

This time is different though.

For a couple of reasons.

I want you to invest money that you won’t get back BUT what I’m promising you in return for you doing what you said you would do is worth more than the $199 investment.

What I want you to do right now is close your eyes for a minute.

Fast forward to 8 weeks time and you’ve just hit send to tell me your final results and what you got out of the transformation contest.

You look back at your photos that you took only 8 short weeks ago and can’t believe it’s the same person that’s staring you back in the mirror now

You catch yourself smiling.

Yes, you did it!

You’re fitting into clothes that you haven’t been able to slide into comfortably for God knows how long.

That is a pretty cool feeling right?

The second reason is you’re getting full access to the DPM ‘All-In Package” that will be selling for $247 when my book is released.

What does that include I hear you ask?

* 1 copy of the Short ‘N Sweet book delivered to your door FREE worldwide

* 1 instant PDF download

* The 6 full workout videos so you can follow along with me (available for you to download or watch online) PLUS access to the DPM Trainerize app where each of the workouts will be uploaded each month ($99 separately) – we’ll be working through the first 2 during this 8 week contest

* The DPM 6 Week Re-Set Online Coaching System comprising of a simple mission each day, the DPM ‘Detox Diet’ and Quick, Healthy Meals recipe cookbook to accelerate your results ($97 separately)

* Access to all the video demonstrations and resources page (total package valued at $490)

Yes, you get the full workout video so you can press play and have me doing it with you in real time.

This doesn’t even begin to mention the private facebook group that will be available to those who participate.

And of course the support from me helping you work towards whatever goal you set yourself at the start of the 8 weeks.

Not to mention the prizes for the best transformation stories coming out of that 8 weeks.

That would be pretty cool right?

And well worth the $199 investment – many times over.

Of course, if you are interested in taking part, or if you have any more questions about it, be sure to hit reply and let me know. 

Cause it only goes ahead if we get the numbers.

So tell your friends, send them this email or yesterdays one.

And then let me know.

We get the numbers I can confirm by the end of the week if it’s going ahead or not.