Would you want to have yourself banned from accessing work emails outside of office hours?

I came across something interesting on LinkedIn the other day that while this sounds like a good idea for most people, 

research in the UK has shown that it could actually lead to increased anxiety and stress because it could potentially stop people from achieving their work goals.

What’s your take?

It could be a good thing.

But I can also see the flip side.

Guess it could potentially come back to the FOMO culture and people not wanting to miss out on anything if they were banned and had to wait until work the next day to sort out any issues like we used to have to do.

That alone could lead to a sleepless night if you’re tossing and turning over something rather than having it sorted that night.

I know from my point of view I spend more time on my phone then I should.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if I didn’t check my phone as much as I do.

It would’ve given me an extra half hour sleep the other night when I checked my credit card account lying in bed only to find that there was a bunch of fraudulent transactions on there.

On the plus side though I got to stop any more from going on.

So it does have its benefits.

But as per anything, there’s always a cost to the benefit one way or another.

And to me, it’s the same as when it comes to your training.

There’s often a couple of ways to get the same result.

Not always one right option.

Sure, there’s some things that you should always avoid, but for the most part this rule rings true.

What works for one person might not necessarily go to plan for the next person.

My tip for today is find what works for you and to run with it.
This goes for what food you are eating, and or avoiding.

And of course when it comes to training, some exercises that are awesome for most people aren’t an option for someone else because of their injury history.

Like for me, I don’t hold focus pads anymore when it comes to boxing. My elbows don’t like it.

I use a hit shield instead.

Doesn’t mean focus pads aren’t good. Just not for me.

Same for those clients who can’t squat cause of their knee pain.

Plenty of other leg exercises that work for them to get the same result.

So maybe the no phone thing might be good for some, not for others.

In either event I can’t see things changing anytime soon when it comes to this so I guess we’re stuck with it whether we like it or not.

Have a good weekend.



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