Is there a meeting for eavesdroppers anonymous?

Yes I’m an occasional eavesdropper.

Aren’t we all?

So I was doing some work waiting for my next session to start yesterday

when I overhead a trainer near me penalise someone with penalty burpees.

Their mortal sin?

Being late to a session that had just got underway.

How late?

Not long probably 5 mins, I really wasn’t paying attention to what they were doing.

But this caught my ears.

And apart being one of the things I detest most about personal trainers,

you know the drill, some bloke trying to prove how hard core they are,

by making you do a few burpees before you start.

The point of this isn’t to hang shit on another trainer.

They dig their own graves most of the time.

Without me having to do that for them.

More so to point out a couple of things.

1) I know you’re busy.

2) I don’t need to prove how tough or hard core I am

by making an example of you in front of everyone else in the group.

3) I’m not going to make you do anything without a proper warm up in the first place

as I know if you’re body is anything like mine you’ve got a few niggles that need to be looked after too.

Especially if you spend most of your day sitting down.

I get that sometimes you’re late. 

Shock horror.

It happens.

When it becomes a habit I might make comment to you

just so my time is being respected too and you’re not taking the piss.

But I know that things happen.

I know your boss can need things yesterday.

I know stuff pops up at the last minute.

I know the kids could’ve kept you up all night,

and you’re massively sleep deprived and just getting here at all is a win.

I know that this isn’t your only focus of the day.

But there’s something else I know too,

and that’s if I remove as many barriers as I can to get you there,

like ensuring there’s none of that penalty burped rubbish,

than that’s half my job done.

Besides, if I carry on like a dick

that’s hardly going to be motivating for you to get your arse out of bed the next time is it?

Want to experience what that can be like?

Come join us at our small group sessions.

The first weeks on me if you want to check it out.

We’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill in the mornings.

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