I’m not talking about that Destinys Child song from back in the day.

It was them wasn’t it?

I’m talking about an article I read yesterday about a new Maccas opening somewhere in the States that are offering unlimited fries to get punters in the door.

That’ll end well.

Macca are a company that’s definitely lost their way.

Their sales must be plummeting with all the changes in direction they’ve done lately.

Like that create your own burger thing.

Or home delivery.

Or McCafe.

It goes against everything that made them what they were in the first place.

A cheap, easy place for a fast feed,

that didn’t necessarily taste any good

– unless you were drunk.

Don’t get me wrong,

I have no idea how any of that new stuff tastes,

or even how successful it is.

I haven’t set foot in one of those places for years to eat

– excluding the odd McPiss here and there

(when you’re desperate for a wee on the road and there’s nothing else around!)

I just can’t see this stuff working for them.

And it reminds me of when someone goes off the rails with what was previously working for them.

They might’ve gotten some great results from following their nutrition plan to point.

And attending every session that they were supposed to.

Even knocking out the odd home workout or so.

Then they got a bit lazy.

Thought they didn’t need to do as much to keep the progress moving.

They got slack and started eating an extra cheat meal or two (maybe even some of that Maccas rubbish!)

They started missing a workout here and there thinking it wouldn’t matter.

Or they might’ve been side tracked with work despite their best intentions.

The result was the same either way,

the kilos started to creep back on and that tummy got a little bit more flabby then it was.

The pants started to get a little harder to slide over the thighs again.

Which means the only way to get back on track is to roll the sleeves up again and regain that focus.

It also brings me to what I mentioned yesterday about that 4 week vacancy I have for some lunch time personal training.

If it’s something that you think would really work well for you to get back in your groove – and those tight little jeans, hit reply and let me know.

I wanna get that tummy flab back on track for you.

It’s gotta be at Observatory Hill on Tuesday and Thursday 12:15-12:45 though.

Want to lock it in as yours?

Hit reply




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