Continuing on with the message from yesterday about spreading the DPM word, I want to make it easy for you.
There’s a link where you can get someone to put in their details

Fill out my online form.

That makes it easy for them to contact me and for me to contact them in a non salesy matter.

There’s no hard sell.
I shouldn’t have to twist someones arm and sweet talk them into joining.

That’s not going to help anyone and they wouldn’t stick around anyways.

Just like the traditional gym model that gets the sales team to flog off as many new memberships as they can and then leave the person high and dry on their commitment.

So they stop coming and quit.
That’s not what i want.

The whole reason DPM has been around for 16 years next month is cause of the accountability and relationships that have been established.

That’s what I want for your friend too.

So once again, like I said yesterday, I appreciate you spreading the word to someone who you know could benefit from what i do coming out of lockdown.

Fill out my online form.


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