Yesterday I hinted that I had some news about the Transformation Contest today.

And unfortunately, it’s not good news.

For whatever reason I haven’t had much interest for it and I’m going to pull the pin.

Sure there’s another week and a bit until the offical start date, 

so maybe you were thinking of making a late play and signing up next week, 

but the reaction hasn’t been great to be honest and I decided against flogging a seemingly dead horse for another week.

So unless after reading this you have a sudden pang of regret and are ready to sign up for this now (if this is the case hit reply and I’ll send you the PayPal link to join),

it’ll be a no go.

For the two who had signed up I’ll give two options

1) full refund


2) I’ll privately coach you over the next 8 weeks to make sure you get what you want out of it 

We just won’t use the support group of the What’s App group and the prizes.

So there you go.

This surprised me to be honest, especially on the back of last years success over November-December.

But it is, what it is.

I realise it’s a busy time of year and it may not be everyone’s focus right now which is cool.

Maybe we’ll revisit it down the track, demand will be the determining factor in that.

Cause the last one was a demand situation where I’d been asked about it so decided to put the thought out there. 

Maybe that’s the way to go with these.

It’s hard to get a read on.

But for now, I’ll cop the tip and focus on other things.

Just wanted to be upfront with this and not make up some BS excuse on why we’re no longer doing it.

All good though.


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