Got some nice feedback I wanted to share with you today from a DPMer on Tuesday.

And it’s not to scratch my own ego or toot my own horn,

but the point it will get across just reaffirms why things are the way they are at DPM.

It was during one of our boxing groups and the comment was this

“I’m so glad to be doing one of these boxing sessions again”.

And the story went on to describe a boxing group that was done through a clients work and how it was all too confusing because the combinations were too complicated.

Now, if you’re not familiar with boxing workouts, the traditional boxing workout usually revolves around a whole bunch of different combinations of punches.

Like what you would see in a traditional boxing fight.

As in throw a left, then a right, then another right and left hook with a duck under someone throwing the focus pads.

Etc, etc etc.

As a result I realised a long time ago the perfect reason why I should never follow that formula.

For me, that’s just ridiculous.

Especially first thing in the morning when you’ve just woken up.

And that thinking was backed up, for not the first time, by the clients experience at her other session.

It’s too damn complicated.

You spend half the time workout out what the actual combination is instead of focusing on getting a workout.

Which is what you came for in the first place.

Does that make sense?

Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not me thinking that DPMers are a bunch of space cadets who can’t put a combination together.

I just know a couple of things:

One of them being that you come to these sessions to get away from every other thought running around in your head.

And two, if I make it as simple to follow as possible, then you’re actually going to be able to focus on getting the heart rate up and doing your workout.

Thirdly, the whole point of getting a workout in, especially a boxing one at that, is for the stress relief benefit.

You shouldn’t be creating more stress!

Especially over whatever complicated routine you’re supposed to be following.

That’s exactly why I decided a long time ago to make the focus of my boxing groups on boxing for fitness and results.

Not for an actual boxing fight.

Cause I figure you’ll go and train under Johnny Lewis if you want that.

Another reason being that these traditional workouts only focus on your dominant side. As in right handed people always stand with their left foot forward.

So you only get stronger on that side.

Not exactly practical for a real world fitness situation when you try and even out your body right?

Now, I know the purist will look down their nose at me for all of this but really I don’t care. I’m not here for their benefit.

I couldn’t care less.

The ones I do care for are the ones who actually turn up and do it.

And I want to make it as user friendly as possible for them to do so.

Something that might be exactly what you’re looking for too.

Or know someone who might be looking for the same when they’re looking for a group training option.

Same goes for even a personal training option (cause I’ve got a couple of those slots up my sleeve right now if you know anyone, or you, who may be interested).

One that that running DPM for nearly 13 years has shown me, is that if you give people what they want, then I’ll get what I want.

And that is exactly why so many of them have been around for most of that time. Or a large portion of it.

They know it works.

And they also know they don’t have to overthink things.

They can just show up and do it.

Saving the actual thinking for the other important stuff in their day once they’ve had their bout of stress relief inducing workouts!

Make sense?


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