If you’re still training strictly from home right now how are your home workouts going for you?

Do you need a bit of variety?

Well today I’m going to give you some simple bodyweight exercises that you can add in to your routine to help ensure you’re looking after those legs of yours.

The only criteria for these exercise that I’m going to share today is that they don’t need any equipment (ie bodyweight only) and they work more than one muscle at once.

I’ll even include the demo video too to help you out (just click on the exercise name).

So here we go:

1) Bulgarian Split Squats

These are great – they work the front of your thigh (quads) in your back leg, and your hamstrings (back of your leg) and butt in the front leg.

Of course you have to do both sides to even you out.

2) Glute Bridge March

These are great for working your butt, hamstrings and your calf muscles.

The higher you hold your hips in the air too means you’ll even feel it in your quads and your abs.

3) Figure 4’s

These step up a normal single leg hip extension to another level. So instead of just working the hamstring and your butt in the leg that’s on the ground, here you’re also working your butt in the leg making the figure 4 shape too.

So a double butt workout.

Of course like with the split squats, you have to do both legs evenly.

4) Monster Walks

These step up a normal squat hold to another level. 

I find that when you are taking the backwards steps you really feel your butt work that little bit deeper.

So apart from your butt, you feel it in your thighs (front and back) and your inner thighs work too with a wider stance and the movement really brings them into play.

5) Standing One Legged Leg Lift

These are an unconventional exercise compared to all the ones above. You are basically balancing on one leg – so it’s a good sobriety test!

It hits the hamstring, quads and butt with your leg on the ground with the static hold – and the leg that you’re lifting and lowering you are also really getting the action in your hamstring too. 

Keep this movement slow.

So hopefully these five exercises have helped give you some inspiration to add to your routine.



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