Came across an interesting news item last week on how Qantas trialed a landfill free flight.

It was a world first and got a bit of attention.

If it can be successful, you’d imagine it’d make a huge difference once it catches on to all airlines considering they reportedly produce the equivalent of 80 Boeing 747 planes in waste each year.

That’s just them.

Imagine what the number is when you add in all the other airlines worldwide.

Their plan is to totally eliminate plastic use on their planes by next year. Pretty significant when they use 100 million plastic items each year.

Good on them for thinking outside the box and doing something different. Someone has to be the first so why not them?

So what did they do instead of all the plastic? They use paper cups and biodegradable packaging.

Anyways, this cool little story just shows that you have to be innovative at times.

Sometimes things need to change. But change can be hard.

The old ’cause it’s what we’ve always done’ approach. That doesn’t help anyone.

So my question to you today is what can you change in your routine to help you continue to progress?

Does it revolve around your workouts? And if so, is it something that I can help you with?

Either changing a few things that we always seem to do at DPM, or maybe re-joining us after a bit of a spell.

If it’s along the lines of what we do at DPM, what would you like to see more of? Or something new in our sessions?

Maybe it’s a food thing. What can you change when it comes to your eating habits?

Maybe introducing something new or changing around your approach to stop boredom kicking in.

Is it maybe trying intermittent fasting if it’s for you? Maybe a bit of a reduced carb approach? Maybe you need to add in more carbs for a change if you’ve been going the paleo type option?

There’s always an answer. Let me know how I can help it work for you.

Remember, you have to be innovative or you’ll eventually get nowhere.
Just like that speed bump slowing your progress I was writing about last week.



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