So, I discovered a new word the other day.

Not the same sort of discovery as when your toddler inappropriately blurts out some ‘adult words’ they heard you use, but a new word nonetheless.


You familiar with that term?

I read a story on Rihanna and she used that to describe herself.

Meaning a woman with curves.

And she mentioned how if she wanted to have a butt and boobs, then she had to be prepared to have a little tummy to go with it.

That was the price to pay she said.

What’s your take on that?

It’s pretty true to say, that unless you’ve had some work done, she’s spot on.

But there are a couple of exercises that you can do to help with that quest for the round butt that is in these days.

Sidenote, I think it’s great that this is the new focus – for strong women, instead of the stick thin coke addict supermodel look that emerged in the late 90’s.

And especially with two girls to bring up, hopefully this trend continues in another 10 years or so when they start to become more self conscious about all that stuff.

But those exercises that will help hit the spot are the ‘big 3’ leg exercises:

– Squats

– Deadlifts

– Lunges

And all of their variations that can be used with those above three as a starting point.

Then of course you can add in some others like hip extensions and glute bridge marches just to name a couple.

Anything else you’d add that works as your go to?

Now, while I may not exactly be a wordsmith of sorts and up to date with all the latest words that the cool kids use these days (that could be a good thing though),

I do know a thing or two about getting some pretty cool results with here at DPM,

especially with our use of those exercises I’ve mentioned (and all the variations that can be adapted with them as a starting point).

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Thanks in advance.


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