So I came across an idea last week inside an article about making exercise more fun.

To be honest, for one reason or another I’m enjoying my workouts more now than i had been in the past.

I still did them cause i know what happens to my body when I don’t – I get fat.

And that’s hardly a good selling point for my business or my long term health.

I guess having a bigger focus on getting outside and walking for a while helped me get back into doing more workouts each week again.

Sidenote, I’m not hiding this cause you know I’m honest about everything. I don’t hide behind a mask and just like you, I sometimes find some things hard and struggle.

But lately, my bodyweight workouts are something I don’t dread doing.

I enjoy it.

More importantly, I enjoy how I feel after it.

And it’s good to be back in that place again.

So back on point.

If you’re struggling to start getting started, believe me I get that cause I’ve been there too, despite what I do for a job.

In fact that’s probably why I found it getting old at one stage cause it was my job too and I needed a break.

But the main thing you can do to help get back on top of things is to start setting some new rules.

For me it was okay, I wasn’t working out as much (once a week) so I have to do more other exercise.

I took up walking.

And I did that 5-6 days a week for an hour or more.

I still enjoy my walks now, just adding in some workouts either instead or on top of that.

But for you have a rule that X day is a walk day.

Or whatever you decide to get happening as your new rule day.

If you have a dog, they need to be exercised – that’s your chance.

Grab the headphones, put on a podcast and go for your life.

The other rule you could implement might be a minute or two or exercise before you sit down and watch your favourite series.

Say as many squats as you can do in a minute or push ups, hovers whatever. Take your pick.

Start small.

On your walk you may do some step ups or push ups on a bench.

You’ll eventually get used to that and want to do more.

Another rule might be no alcohol during the week.

Or another food based rule – like no carbs for 2/3 days (except veggies and fruits of course) then a carb hit on that next day.

It works.

Just like implementing any of these rules will work.

So pick a new rule if you are struggling.

Start small.

Next thing you know you’ll be doing more and might actually enjoy it!

What do you think?


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