How good would it be if you could pop a pill or drink a drink that did the work for you?

I mean losing the weight we wanted to lose,

shrinking that flabby tummy, 

getting rid of the chunky thighs.

I’d get rid of my big arse that makes me hate buying jeans.

Definitely no skinny jeans for me.

Although that should be illegal for blokes.

They should have to hand in their man card if they’re caught in them.


But back to this miracle drug thing.

I was reading an interview yesterday with a bloke called Adam Silver.

He’s the boss of the NBA.

And he mentioned how he met basically the top doctor in the States,

The Surgeon General of the United States – Vivek Murthy.

And he mentioned this new drug.

Well it isn’t really new.

According to Adam Silver, Dr Murthy is one of those people 

who’s saying there is a miracle drug right now in this country,

and it’s exercise.

Yep good old fashioned getting up and moving.

Disappointing if you were waiting for that miracle pill right?

But seriously.

That’s all it takes.

Doing a little bit more than you’re doing now.

Yes, we’re all busy.

No one can say they’re not.

And I don’t mean joining a gym or joining me.

It might just be playing with the kids more.

It might just be walking around the block a few times.

Whatever it is for you.

But if you are looking for something with me,

I do have some spots available in then DPM morning group sessions.

They’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill in the City.

You can find out session times and more info by clicking the link below


Any questions let me know.




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