You’re no doubt aware of the new, and increasing focus on gut health these days.

And I think it’s a great thing to be honest.

There’s a whole lot we’re continuing to learn and the more we learn the better off we’ll be in the long run.

But this one?

I think I for one, will stick with the bone broth every morning and kombucha instead of this new push though.

I came across a new study that mentioned how there was evidence that crickets improved your gut microbiome.

You may well have heard of the push towards eating insects lately?

Personally, it’s too much for me to get my head around eating bugs.

But whose to say that will always be the case. I might come around.

Anyways, this study mentioned that it was only a small sample size, so an obvious flaw, but they want to expand it in the future to see whether there really is something in it.

What’s your thought on crickets and the like?

Are you more adventurous then me in this regards?

Look, when it comes down to it though, you don’t have to be this adventurous when it comes to getting on top of your healthy eating plan.

Sure, I recommend adding in stuff like bone broth or probiotics or whatever to help with this overall but it’s not a compulsory part of it.

No matter which approach you take though, there’s no doubt that this whole DPM process works.

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