Had an arrival of gear yesterday that you might be interested to know about – some more resistance tubes.

They a bit longer than they used to, cause they have to come from the US now as there’s none available here, but it’s good to have some more gear in the training arsenal.

I ended up with 4 of the black handles (the heavier ones) and 2 of the green ones (next rung down).

Next step will be some new foam rollers.

If there’s anything else that you think can be a good addition to the regime,

I’m open for suggestion.

Anyways, these will make your life easier when it comes to the exercises that we do and means we can update some of the older ones that probably aren’t long for this world.


PS – if you’re looking to get some action in but can’t make our in person sessions, why not think about getting on deck with some zoom personal training? We can do it from the comfort of your home – you just need your zoom camera on and we’re sweet.

Interested? Or know someone who might be? I’d love to have a chat.

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