At times we can be all guilty in thinking some things have passed us by and it’s too late to start something.

For one, I realise that I’ll never realise my childhood dream of being a first grade player for Parra.

I’m sure you have your thing too that might have passed you by.

But there’s one thing that we’re never too old for.

And that’s starting an exercise routine.

After all, there’s endless amount of research to point to that shows you all the benefit for older adults.

– fighting against age related muscle loss
– improving bone and joint function
– lowering your risk of heart disease
– improving mental health

Those four are just to start with.

The best one I’m sure anyone who’s of an advanced age (and I’m not including us, more like the 80/90 plus age range!) is that it can help increase your independence and improve your quality of life.

Ask anyone who’s nearing the end of their life and the one thing they’d want more of, providing their health and mind is sound, is more time.

I remember reading something the other week about how a tradie was working on a job site across from a nursing home and an old patient just sat and watched them all day.

Turns out he used to be in construction himself back in the day and they ended up getting talking and it was the highlight of the old guys day watching the young blokes do what he used to do and him wishing he could still do it.

Anyways, the main thing is if you have someone in your life who is our age and older and doesn’t exercise, you could definitely do worse than encourage them to get out and get moving.

Even something as seemingly simple as a walk around the block, can help achieve all of the points mentioned earlier.

And the older people (as in of our parents age that are still around) might be even something as simple as trying to balance on one leg.

This article here mentions a couple of more things that can be done on how to help older adults get moving.

I first came across this article last week but was reminded of this the other day when I was informed of a health condition of someone I know.

The one thing that will help with that condition when things are a bit more known?


Even starting small.

Yes it isn’t easy to start.

But if it’s that or succumb to the condition prematurely?

I know what I’d be taking any day of the week.

And for us who may not be of vintage age just yet, remember we’re not 21 anymore either.

The more runs we get on the board now, the easier things will be when we do start getting older.

I’d rather have as bigger base as possible to draw done off.

I’m sure you do too.


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