Ever heard of the term Netflix for fitness?

Me neither until late last week.
But the concept is familiar to me (and coincidentally something I’ve used without knowing before) and I like it a lot.

In fact, I’m not the only one. 
I read an article last week on a site that’s targeted towards the gym club scene and how this new trend is actually something that they see as part of their future moving forward.

So what is it?

Basically it’s all about home workouts and in this instance, using an app or something similar to follow along with.

This is one of the big new fitness trends as you may be aware.

There’s always a celebrity of sorts plugging their latest fitness app.

Even my last transformation contest as part of my book launch went down this route with the game plan being followed not just in print format, but also via the videos for each month in a special app.

Instead of gyms relying on the people actually getting to the gym for a workout, this site sees a massive potential option by getting their members to follow along with a program once or twice a week.

How did they come up with this number?

– 85% of gym members do a workout at home in their own time too

– 28% of people who did a home workout used a paid or free workout app which is interesting considering this is only a recent invention – people had to read blogs or emails like this in the ‘old days’ for something similar

– The average gym user attends 1.9 times per week compared to the average workout participant doing three workouts a week – hence they see the gap in the market.

Very interesting.

And something that I see as something that might be a big option for DPMers moving forward.

What do you think about that?

Would you be interested in something like this as part of your regular DPM membership?

An option that would give you access to an app where you can get a workout of the month – with me doing it in real time with you?

What do you think?

Without much further thought and off the top of my head, this would be something that would be complimentary to one-on-one personal training clients and those on the 3 x week/unimited group options.

There would be a small added extra cost each month to those on the once or twice a week packages.

There’d also be an option for those who can no longer train in person with DPM but still want the action and direction (without the personalised customised attention and accountability that the current online coaching offers).

The obvious benefit of this would be when you’re away, or travelling for work, or you just miss a session or two here and there but still want to get something in, you wouldn’t have to wing it.

You’d just open your app and press play for the workout of the month..
If this is something you’d use, or like to see offered as part of DPM, let me know and I’ll look into it more seriously.


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