Time to flick the neon green light on.

I’ve got a vacancy in the early morning mobile personal training time slot if you are interested.

Wednesday and Friday mornings have been off the board for a little while, now due to a client finishing up, I’ve got room for you if you’re looking for some before work action time.

We’ll spend 30 minutes together getting you some high quality, heart pumping action to start your day off the right way.

Time wise? Depending on where you are – ideally Inner West, CBD or similar surrounds.

I could even do across the bridge in the Lower North Shore if that’s easier for you.

And as for start time?

7 or 7:15 start time would be the go, once again depending on where about you exactly are.

So yep, I can come to you directly.

Whether that be your home. Your work or an outdoor park that’s mutually convenient for both of us.

Does that sound like something you need?

Or maybe someone you know has been hitting you up asking whether you know anyone who’s available?

Let’s talk.

Remember, if you introduce a friend to join Team DPM, your next month is free and you’ll both also cop a $200 dinner gift card each to any restaurant of your choice after they’ve been around for 6 months.

With that incentive, why not tell your friends.


PS  – I also have a couple of lunch time slots available now too. Especially with me having Tuesdays back on the books again with no Daddy day care.


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