So the latest info makes it seem like this self isolating thing could be here for a while for those who are forced to. And I get you still have a need for exercise.

One, for the mental health benefit, but also to keep you on track and let off some steam. I also understand that you may be at a loss for what workout to do, or you may be sick of the ones that you are already doing. 

As a result, the other day I dug through my archives cause I knew I’d have a bunch that was already on an autoresponder that I could offer you.

And I found something that was fairly recent so it is still relevant. When I launched my book, I put together a series of 6 home workouts to give people a taste of what to expect. 

Now, this isn’t a big pitch fest for my book. 

It’s all content. But if you’re interested, you’ll get 6 emails over 6 days with a new workout each day.

One is only 6 minutes, others are a little longer.

Either way the gist is you’ll be done in 20 minutes or less. So if you want in, you can get it here.

Remember it’s free and cause you’re already on my email list and reading this it isn’t a cheap grab at profiteering in a time of crisis. 

Get yours here 

And if you give any of them a go, let me know what you think.

have a good weekend.



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