Today I want to offer you a quick little check up if you feel it might benefit you.

Have you tested your blood pressure recently?

Do you know if you have a genetic predisposition towards high blood pressure?

Anyways, I thought it’s worth a shot cause I’ve had to monitor mine lately and as per my usual short straw in the gene pool, it wasn’t ideal.

And based on my family history, and the fact that I eat reasonably well and obviously exercise enough, I have to investigate it further and get a 24hr monitor done.

Which made me think that none of us aren’t getting any younger, and I may not be the only one who needs a check in.

Now obviously, I’m not a GP, but if we do a little check and you find things aren’t ideal, as I did, then we can monitor it again, and again if needed, then if a patten emerges you might be in your best interests to go and follow it up with your doc.

So if that sounds like something you want to do for peace of mind, then just let me know and we can do it before training one day.

Obviously it’s going to be better to do this when you’re rested and not after a workout and it only takes a minute so just let me know and we can lock it in.


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