Did you know that today is National Burger Day?

Kinda appropriate for a Friday I guess.

I love a good burger, especially when it’s served with a side of hot chips.

And there’s not much better than a home made burger cooked on the barbie.

It’s healthier than a shop bought one – mainly cause you control the ingredients.

You can make the patties – be that whatever your choice is – beef or turkey mince, chicken breast or even your non meat preferred choice.

And you can control what you put on them of course.

Meaning you can load up on the egg, yes even bacon, and salad of your choosing.

You can always choose to go bunless too (which is what I like to do when I go to Grill’d).

Can’t pass up on the chips though!

So don’t rule out a homemade burger, or even a burger without the bun when you’re out if you want something that is reasonably healthy and won’t set you back too far on your progress.

And if you go to a fancier burger place (there’s enough of them around these days) you’re going to get a better quality of bun than you would at a place like Maccas anyways.

With all of that in mind, hopefully I haven’t made you crave a burger too early in the day.

Enjoy the weekend.



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