Had one of those WTF moments yesterday.

You see, I found out that it’s 20 years since Titanic came out.

The movie obviously with Leo and Kate.

Not that I’d admit to watching it or anything…

Well at the time I didn’t but I caught some of it on tv a few years ago.

But it was kind of a big deal at the time remember?

Think it broke box office records everywhere if my memory is right.

So, what were you doing back in ’97?


I was running amok on dollar drinks at the Daily Planet to be honest and playing a bit of rugby.

Ahh the good old days right?

Looking back it makes me feel old.

What about you?

How do you compare to back then?

Personally, apart from paying for the old footy injuries that I never rehabbed like I should of, I reckon I’m holding up alright.

Especially when I see what some of my mates are like.


How are things travelling with you?

How’s the body holding up?

Do long for those days when you could look hot in those skinny jeans or whatever was the thing back then?

I can’t even remember what the cool thing to wear was.

I think I used to look like the boss in my CCC polo shirts!

Although the truth in the matter would’ve been far removed from that!

Maybe time hasn’t been as good to you as you would’ve imagined it.

Maybe you’re 5kg, 10kg or even more than you were back in your heyday?

But the good news all is not lost.

Providing you get amongst it and start doing something about it NOW.

Before that extra 5-10kg becomes 15-20kg.

Trust me my friend, it happens easy.

As I found out not many more years after that when I stacked on 10kg in 3 months (that’s a story for another day though).

Time to do something about it?

Maybe you always wanted to join in on some DPM small group morning sessions,

but our timetable just never worked for you in the past cause of your schedule?

there is a new option I’m thinking of adding to the timetable.

* Wednesday and Friday mornings 7:15am-7:45am

* Venue: Observatory Hill

* Starting next Wednesday if there’s enough interest.

To be honest, currently it’s doubtful.

Only got 2 people interested.

Need 3 more to make it a reality.

So help a brother out if you want my heart to go on like a bad Titanic joke

Hit reply now and let me know what days if you are cause I can only make this work if people want it.

And thanks for spreading the word to your friends who may be interested.


PS – did you ever hear one of my favourite bands ever do a cover of that “My heart will go on” song? It was on the old Andrew Denton Musical Challenge CD from his MMM days. It was a winner and a hell of a lot better than that Celine Dion original! 


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