Not long now.

Friday’s the day.

As you’re no doubt aware, this Friday at 4pm I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

Yep, I’m doing a FREE Online Training Event:

“How To Get Back In Your Old Size Ten Jeans With One Simple Trick (Without Any Extra Added Exercise Necessary)”

Obviously, I know what I’m talking about,

but I’m kinda nervous about it.

Don’t know how many of you are actually interested in this?

And how it will be received?

So hopefully, it’s something you’ll find benefit for.

Cause like I mentioned last week, 

I don’t do anything for FREE now,

apart from these emails to you each day.

Why not?

Well, let’s be honest,

most people don’t value free.

Besides, I’m here to run a business and make a living for my family.

Cause none of us go to work for free right?

But anyways, I feel like it’s time to give back for this event.

And to test the waters to see what the interest is like.

Now, I also realise the timing for this isn’t great for some of you.

When is it?

Friday October 20 (this Friday).

Time: 4pm

Set a reminder if you have to in your phone.

But I’ll be reminding you about it this week.

If that annoys you,

then it’s probably best that you click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email.

Cause after all,

if me giving you free info about how to lose those stubborn kilos offends you,

you’d never be a good fit for what we do at DPM,

when you actually have to invest in a solution, and more importantly, a short cut to solving that same problem.

But if that is something you would be interested in

Register by clicking the link below and filling in your email address.

Click here to register for this FREE Online Training Event

You can also ask any question on this page that you want me to answer by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.

And of course, like I mentioned, I realise that time isn’t great for everyone.

So it’s going to be available to you, once again at no charge, afterwards for you to listen to at your convenience.

But you have to be registered to get the details on that link, and the call itself.

So come on, don’t leave me hanging, I want to see you there (even if it is my first time!)


PS – Just click the link below to register and ask me the question/s that’s keeping you up at night right now

Click here to register for this FREE Online Training Event


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